Water technology

Under the concept of water technology, Kliewe offers customers innovative and tailor-made solutions for freshwater, process water and sewage treatment. Our plant programme provides all the technologies for sustainable water treatment.

It includes using various combinations of different chemical, physical and biological separation methods, membrane technologies, filter technology and ion exchange processes, among other things.

We realise installations in container construction or on frame constructions, pre-assembled ready for connection, programmed and visualised, yet systems are also individually adapted to the situation on-site.

Our water service carries out investigations and carries out chemical water conditioning to promote hygiene and corrosion protection in water-bearing systems.
Kliewe has a number of pilot systems that can be used for field tests, including polymer and ceramic membrane filtration systems.

Fresh water treatment, etc.:

  • Activated carbon and zeolite filters
  • Gravel filters and multilayer filters for deferrization, manganese removal
  • Softening, decarbonization, complete desalination
  • Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, electrode ionization

Process and waste water treatment, etc.:

  • Disinfection, sterilisation
  • Micro-, ultra- and nano filtration, reverse osmosis
  • Precipitation, flocculation, filtration, sedimentation, flotation
  • SBR

Internal preparation in water-bearing systems, e.g.:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Hardness stabilisation
  • Hygiene

Contact us. We will be happy to advise you and develop individual solutions tailored to your needs and industry. Of course, this includes plant construction, container construction, apparatus engineering as well as pipeline construction.

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