New carousel lathing machine for container construction in Handewitt

Since the beginning of April, the Kliewe guys from Handewitt have provided a carousel lathing machine. With the CNC-controlled and 33 tonne high-tech equipment, we were able to further expand our performance portfolio in the field of boiler flange machining and the production of sealing surfaces on large containers and pipeline parts. The machine is one of the largest in North Germany and therefore exactly meets the Kliewe requirements.

The assembly lasted four weeks and could be implemented during the normal production process, so that production failures did not occur. We are delighted to welcome Gregor Vigan on board, who is an expert on handling the machine with almost 40 years of experience. In addition, Thileepan Rasaguru is currently completing a training course to assist Gregor Vigan in the operation. With the integration of the new carousel lathing machine into the production process, Kliewe is able to offer a faster and uncomplicated machining of large rotary parts and flange connections, as well as further expanding its expertise in the field of container construction. Furthermore, Kliewe is now able to offer contract manufacturing in the field of carousel turning work and cover component sizes of 2000 mm in diameter and 1400 mm in height.