Kliewe at the six-hour kart cup

On the 5th of November it was time again: After the internal Kliewe-Kart-Cup at the end of April, we went back to the race track. The Kliewe Racing team set off for the “Ralf Schumacher Kartcenter” in Bispingen early in the morning to take part in a six-hour race with two teams.

At 5:30 am our team arrived to familiarize themselves with the racing machines until qualifying. After the optimal setting was found, it went to the starting position at 8 clock. Although it was close to 20 other teams, the Kliewe team managed to reach the goal.

“It was a great event. We had a lot of fun and could learn a lot. As amateurs who were there for the first time, we had no chance against the old bats, but we were the best among the amateurs, “says organizer Dennis Braband. The planning for the next participation is already in progress. It is rumored that a company-internal wind tunnel is possibly already in the planning, in order to be able to go ahead next year optimally prepared.