Kliewe at the 2018 MoPo

After last year, Kliewe was again at the start of the MoPo team competition this year. With several teams of five runners we represent the Kliewe colors on the 30th August at the the Hamburger Stadtpark course.

“After the last edition, more colleagues were inspired and used this year to prepare,” says Claudia Schitnik, the organizer of Kliewe. “The increasing interest of the workforce in our common leisure activities underscores the family sentiment that characterizes our company.” This year, a team of trainees from Kliewe will be joining the experienced participants. If you are interested, you can register with Claudia Schitnik or Katja Hartwig to participate in the run. Even passionate fans are welcome to cheer and to take photos. Afterwards there is also a big barbecue in the city park. A great event, which is guaranteed to be fun.