Welding special materials

Kliewe has made a name for itself as a specialist company with the necessary process and welding test certificates and knows what it takes in the field of welding technology. We are in regular contact with trade associations, welding institutes and experts. This allows us to quickly find a competent solution for you even when performing exceptional welding tasks.

We set very high standards when selecting and training our fitters. In addition to many years of experience in the field, more than 80% of our fitters are certified according to DIN EN 287-1 which is supported by process tests, certified according to DIN EN 288-1 and AD-2000-Merkblatt HP 2.1.

Our process tests cover tasks with the following materials: stainless steel, steel, Cu-Ni-Fe alloys, Ni-Cr alloys, Cu brazing and duplex as well as plastic and aluminium.
We use the following welding methods individually or in combination according to economic and qualitative requirements: TIG, manual arc welding (E), orbital technology, Mag/Mig, autogenous welding. When using these methods, we work with only the latest welding equipment. Automatic, microprocessor-controlled orbital machines complement our know-how and ensure a consistently high, uniform quality of welding seams.

Our welding coordination is carried out by welding engineers and welding specialists, and it complies with the requirements of DIN EN 719 “Welding coordination”. Each welding coordinator holds national, European or international qualifications (DVS, EWS, IWS).

All test documents, materials and documentation are created and managed within our company so that you get everything from a single source. In addition, we also hold the great proof of suitability for steel construction. We produce steel constructions including statics as well as stages, railings and climbing ladders.

We are your partner when it comes to welding special materials in industrial plant, container and pipeline construction.
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